SKINSSWAP.TRADE – is an online service allowing you to instantaneously trade Counter-Strike: Global Offensive items for keys, skins or knives. Allowing you to upgrade your knife, break down skins into lower cost items for betting. One of the advantages of using SKINSSWAP.TRADE is that you don't have to spend mindless amount of time looking for trades on other time wasting websites.


Why don't I see some of my items?
Push the refresh button at your inventory. If the problem is not solved, try again in 1 minute.
Most likely you have made a purchase on the market less than 7 days ago. Items will appear 7 days after the purchase.
Is it possible to lower the website commission?
Of course, you need to add "SKINSSWAP.TRADE" to your steam player nickname, and then repeatedly log int to the website.
Your comission will be automaticcaly reduces by 2%.
Is there any risk during trading?
Our bots send trade offers through Steam. You are eligible to check all items to be traded on your own right before accepting the offer. If you are not satisfied with the proposed offer, you can freely reject it and select any other one.
How to contact with support?
E-mail us:
How to withdraw?
The instructions are given here
You can share this link with other users of steam, so that they can send you the offer of exchange, even if they are not in your friends list. You can also share it on a third-party shopping sites and groups Steam community.