SKINSSWAP.TRADE – is an online service allowing you to instantaneously trade Counter-Strike: Global Offensive items for keys, skins or knives. Allowing you to upgrade your knife, break down skins into lower cost items for betting.

One of the advantages of using SKINSSWAP.TRADE is that you don't have to spend mindless amount of time looking for trades on other time wasting websites.


Step 1Login to the site through Steam.

Step 2Set your trade url, if you did not do it already.

Step 3Select the item from your inventory, which you want to add to the site.

Step 4After a few seconds, you get the money to account.

Step 5Select the item from bot inventory and click to withdraw.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't i see some of the CS:Go items in my inventory on the website? Steam api is known for having severe delays, please log out and log back in or wait for the issue to be solved. If that doesn't work you can consult our live support.

Is there any risk involved? There is no risk . If you will have a problem regarding a trade or you will make false deposition , you can ask support group for help using the SUPPORT

I have an issue with receiving trade offers SKINSSWAP.TRADE There are many things that can cause the following issue. According to our analysis the primary cause of this is errors when entering your trade url, please update your trade offer by copying and pasting it from your steam profile. Other main cause is issues with steam api, as stated above steam is for its frequent downtime, please wait or consult our live support.